Leaking Balcony Repairs in Melbourne

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Balcony Repair Service in Melbourne

Homeowners in Melbourne often experience balcony leakage, a common problem that needs to be addressed. However, replacing the entire balcony with new tiles is a significant investment that not every homeowner can afford. The only affordable solution is to repair the existing balcony. Omni dry is one of the best balcony waterproofing companies in the field, with over 10 years of experience.

Balconies in Australia, especially in Melbourne, are prone to leaks due to the harsh weather conditions, such as rain. This can cause cracks in the tiles and lead to leaks. Our specialty is that we can waterproof balconies without removing the tiles, which is a more cost-effective solution.

Balcony Waterproofing Solutions

The following are some possible solutions to fix a leaking balcony in Melbourne. However, we will choose the best solution based on the damage and the homeowner’s wishes.

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Most Frequently asked Questions.

The following are the most frequently asked question about the leaking balcony repairs Melbourne Australia

The solution for your balcony repair will depend on its condition. Our experts will analyze the situation and recommend the best solution. We prefer to seal the balcony without removing the tiles, but if the tiles are too damaged, we will recommend replacing them. For small damages, we can fix the gaps and cracks.

In Melbourne, balcony leakages are common due to rain and snow. It is recommended to have your balcony inspected and sealed every year. In some cases, balcony leakages can be caused by poor-quality products, inadequate drainage, or structural issues in the building

The following are the possible solutions

  • Repair without removing tiles
  • Replacement of tiles with new tiles
  • Grouting and Re-grouting
  • Filling of cracks and gaps


For small damages and leakages, grouting, regrouting, filling gaps and cracks, and cleaning of the tiles can be done without removing the tiles. However, for larger damages, the only solution is to replace the tiles.

The cost of balcony waterproofing depends on the size of the balcony, the type of leak, and the materials used. The labor cost and the material cost are the two main factors that sums the total cost. Omnidry offers affordable rates that are less than other waterproofing companies in Melbourne.