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Leaking Shower Repairs Services in Melbourne

Shower Leakage is a common issue the residents of Melbourne face. So don’t need to worry; we are the local company providing shower repair services for more than ten years now. We will help you with leak detection, tile replacement, leak fix, grouting, epoxy sealing, caulking and whole bathroom renovation. Our shower repair specialists have worked on more than 1000 projects so far, giving our clients 100 percent satisfaction.

Cause of Shower leakage

Our expert highlights the following four causes of shower leakages based on their practical experience in the subject.

Damage to the waterproofing membrane

In the majority of the cases, shower leakage occurs when the waterproofing membrane gets damaged. There are multiple reasons of membranes become damaged. When the membrane gets damaged, it becomes porous and allows water to seep. So, when the membrane loses its waterproofing ability, showers start to leak.

Defects in the grouting

The shower also starts leaking when the grouting becomes defective or damaged. The grouting is damaged when sub-standard grouting is used or made wet before it completely solidifies or is damaged while cleaning. Because of the above reasons, there is a gap between the tiles, allowing water movement, and this causes shower leakage.

Leaking water supply pipes

Another common reason for the leakage of showers is when the water supply pipe starts to leak. When supply pipelines continuously leak for a long time, it damages the surface as well as the grouting, thus causing damage to the waterproofing system.

Cracks in the under the surface of the tile

When there are occurs cracks on the surface or the wall of the shower, it damages the waterproofing system resulting in the leakage of water from those cracks.

Leaking of discharge line

Similarly to water supply leakage, the leakage in the discharge way can cause shower leakage.

Blockade of discharge line

When the discharge line gets blocked, the water starts to make pool on the surface, causing damage to the waterproofing system of the shower.

Our leaking showers repair solutions

Leakages grow with time when not taken care of on time and cause mould on the walls of the bathroom that defects the structure as well as the cleanliness of the bathroom. So call a shower repair specialist when you see even a small leakage in your Shower .Omnidry is providing the following leaking shower repair solutions in all parts of Melbourne Australia.

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Signs of the Leaking Shower

When water infiltrates the spaces between your shower tiles, seeping into the adjacent walls, ceiling, or floor, it can lead to issues such as rot, mold, and even structural damage. Neglecting these indicators may result in elevated long-term expenses and further harm to your home. Fortunately, without the need for extensive tile replacement, we can pinpoint, diagnose, and remedy a leaking shower, restoring its usability in as little as the following day. At the first sign of these symptoms, reach out to Omni Dry for prompt assistance.

Mould and damp walls

Mould & Damp Walls

Mouldy & Damp walls caused by leakages from the shower which also causes rotted architrave

Water leakage ceiling

Water leakage or watermark on downstairs ceiling. Can be caused by leaking balcony or shower upstairs.
Silicone deterioration

Silicone Deterioration

Silicone/Caulking deterioration can be caused by mould and cracks in the grout.

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Experienced team with more than 10 years of experience in Leaking shower repairs.

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We are providing permanent solutions in affordable prices.

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Being the local company of Melbourne. We are familiar with the common shower problems and we have best possible solution to fix the,

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Our repair services are up to date and according to modern needs and we use the latest quality products.

Most Frequently asked Questions.

The following are the most frequently asked questions.

The first step is the detection of the leak, and then we recommend a possible solution to stop leakage. Most of the time, problems get fixed without removing tiles by grouting, epoxy grouting, and caulking.

The shower repair cost depends on the type of leakage/issue. However, our inspection is free, and we will visit your shower and be able to provide you with the cost of the leaking shower repair.

We are providing services in all part of the Melbourne .Just call us we will be at your door with in few minutes.

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